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Why Live Casino in Malaysia Are The Best to Play?

Today you no longer must move around town looking for the best live casino in Malaysia to play your favourite slots and table games from. With online casinos, you can now play all your favourite games in the comfort of your bed.

The global pandemic of Covid-19 has even made online casinos more relevant as social distancing will be the norm in the next coming days.

The best way to enjoy live casinos in Malaysia is when you have reliable internet to ensure you stream live HD videos without any buffering. So, before you start getting involved in live casino gambling, make sure your internet is stable to avoid any form of interruptions along the way.

With live casino games, a human dealer is always live and players can take part in the game live using their computers, consoles, or any device that can be used to stream the live games.

So instead of going to an on-land casino to play your favourite table games or slots, you can just do that on your computer or mobile device. In this article, we are going to share with you why live casinos are the best to play in Malaysia.

Let’s dig in….

Enjoy Your Games with Other Players From All Over the World

With live casino in Malaysia games, you can play against other people around the world just like you would do in an on-land casino. This gives you the real feel of playing against an opponent in real time.

When you get on the casino website that gives this option, you will choose the person you want to play against and get started immediately. It is in most cases easier to win while playing against another player than the real casino dealer.


At times playing against casino dealers makes the game seem unfair as compared to playing against another ordinary person in different parts of the world.

So, with the live casino, you can get to play your favourite games like poker against other real players and enjoy the competition in real time. The sense of competition makes a live casino feel like being in a physical on-the-land casino where you get to compete with your fellows.

Quality of Live Stream

Most of the online casinos that have live games give you a high-definition live stream that gives a great experience to online gamblers.

You also get to choose the quality of video you prefer based on how fast your internet is. There is a wide range of options like 720P HD, 1080P Full HD, and 4K Ultra HD. The best video quality is of course with the 4K version, but it needs more bandwidth if you want to have a seamless video stream

The Live Casino in Malaysia Software Provider in most online casino game providers includes:

  1. Golden Deluxe
  2. Dream Gaming
  3. AllBet
  4. Evolution Gaming
  5. Gameplay Interactive
  6. Asia Gaming
  7. Playtech
  8. Sexy Baccarat


Regarding video quality, you will realize that the difference in the quality of the various video resolutions is more visible on a wider screen. So, if you are using a mobile device to stream live games,720P is good enough to get the best video quality on your mobile phone’s display.

It also requires less bandwidth to stream 720P resolution videos compared to streaming videos with higher resolutions like 1080P and 4K.

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Variants Live Casino Games and Features Available

Another advantage of playing live casino in Malaysia games is you will have a wide range of game options to choose from. With just a click, you will be able to switch to another game within a few seconds.

Whether it’s poker, slot games, or live sports betting, you will simply browse through all of these seamlessly at the comfort of your bed. All you need is the knowledge and skills to play the games plus a good internet connection.


Live casino games also have a wide range of features that are meant to make your gambling experience feel real and emotional like someone playing in a real physical casino. On some live casino games, you have the option of changing the graphics and turning the sound on or off depending on what is comfortable for you.

With all these options, players can choose to play their games even in public places with the sound off. This kind of convenience is the reason you should try live casino in Malaysia games.

The Live Casino Games include:

  1. Live Baccarat
  2. Live Roulette
  3. Live Sic-Bo
  4. Live Blackjack
  5. Live Dragon Tiger

The Games Are Conducted in Real-Time

Unlike the standard online casino games, live casino games take place at that exact moment and the players will get almost the exact same emotions as they would while playing the game in a physical casino. The emotions you get while playing a live game are very different compared to what you feel while playing a game that is already programmed.

It is for this reason that people are slowly embracing the idea of online casinos. Today most of the popular casino websites in Malaysia and many other countries around the world have live casino games.


One of the casinos I would recommend for anyone in Malaysia is Maxim88. It is one of the best online casino websites in Malaysia with an easy-to-use interface and gives a great user experience.

Some of the live games that are available on the various casino websites include; poker, fishing, sports betting Malaysia, slot games, and many more. It all depends on which one you are interested in.

My advice would be to learn how to play the game first before going for the live casino options. Live casino in Malaysia is mainly good for experienced gamblers who know the rules very well and how to win games even when under pressure.


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Play Live Casino Games on Your Mobile Device

Initially, most of the casino companies didn’t have the mobile device option for the live casino games which meant they were losing out on a huge market. This is because most people would prefer spending their leisure time using their mobile devices to using a pc. And remember people play casino games mostly during their free time.

When online casino platforms learned about this fact, they were able to adjust and make sure mobile users can also have access to live casino games. Some casinos have live casino games within their mobile applications whereas some have the option on their mobile-friendly websites.

So, if you have an Android or iPhone smartphone, you can also enjoy Live casino games by streaming with your device.

Join the VIP Programs

A VIP program is what most Live casino operators give to reward their loyal customers. The top spenders in the Live casinos are the ones who benefit from these programs the most.

Some of the things they offer under this program include; free spins, specific bonuses, gifts, and much more. People under this kind of program also get VIP customer support whereby they get prompt feedback in case they have any issues.

These VIP programs by Live casino operators are among the reasons why many Malaysians love to play Live Casino games compared to the standard online casino games. You don’t have to apply to be under this program, the system will automatically add you if you are among the people who spend big consistently on a particular Live casino in Malaysia website.

Live Casinos Have a Live Chat Option

This live chat is meant for chatting with the casino dealers and the rest of the players you are playing in real-time. With this live chat, you will be able to have a real-time conversation with the dealer and share with them any issues that you are facing while playing the game.

You can also get to chat with the rest of the players just like you would do in a physical casino

This makes the whole process more seamless than playing games that are not live. In games that are not live, contacting anyone for assistance is not as seamless. In some cases, customer support takes lots of time to give you feedback and at times by the time they reply, you may even have ended the game already.

The time between when you send your query and when you get the feedback is the reason why so many people love playing Live casino games because of the prompt feedback and attention you get from the casino dealer.

Live Casino Games are Trustworthy

Most online casino players have a perception that casino game software is biased and always works against their interests. But when one is dealing with a casino dealer in real-time, they can easily see what the dealer is doing on their screens and would be contented even when they lose. 

The fact that you can play against other players also makes it more interesting.

Playing against another human being is what brings real emotions into the game which is different from playing against a piece of software.

People who play live casino in Malaysia games always find it hard to play games that are not live simply because the feeling is not the same and most of them would rather trust a casino dealer than a piece of software.

High Betting Limits

Live casino games normally give higher betting limits than standard online games. So, when you are playing a game live, the odds are slightly put up which gives you the opportunity to win big once you win.

So, if you were used to playing standard online casino games, be ready to win big with these live casino games.

The bonuses given under live casino games are also slightly higher than those of the standard online games. All these attributes are meant to attract more people to play Live Casino games.

As far as winning is concerned, you will likely win big while playing Live casino games than playing standard online casino games.

With Live casinos, You Get The Feel of A Real-World Casino

While playing a live casino game, you will be able to listen to what is going on on the other tables and also get the casino sounds as you have good speakers on the device you are using to stream. You will hear all the sounds of the casino music and what dealers on other tables are saying. This will make you feel like you are in a real-world casino.

The best way to enjoy the experience is by streaming using a smart TV or projecting the video onto a wide display and attaching this display to a home theatre.

With this kind of system, you will really turn your living room or bedroom into a real-world casino. Games with real casino sounds feel totally different from those that have the same sounds every time you play them.

But with live casino games, you will always be hearing the exact sounds that are being played in the casino.

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Playing live casino games has way more advantages than playing ordinary online games. The feel of sounds and emotions of playing against real people makes playing live casino games feel like playing games in a real casino.

Live casino games also have more bonuses and betting limits than standard online casino games. This has attracted lots of people to these live games because every gambler wants to win big

The ability to participate in games anywhere you are if you have a streaming device makes playing live casino games effortless and more convenient than going to an on-land casino within Malaysia.

This is even more important these days as the entire globe is facing the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone is practising social distancing by avoiding crowded places.  If you are in Malaysia, there are quite a several Live casino dealers like Maxim88 that would give you a wide variety of games that you can choose from

However, if you are to enjoy Live Casino games, you need to ensure you have stable internet to be able to stream HD videos from the casino tables without any buffering. These games are also more fun when the streaming is being done on a big display with a good sound system attached.

So, as a gambler, you can create the perfect environment for playing your live casino games either in your living room or bedroom by installing a wide display with a good quality home theatre attached.

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