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Why Is Fishing Arcade The New Gaming Trend?

A trip to the local arcade would instantly reveal dozens and dozens of people, both young and old, surrounding a particular machine that looks like some sort of fishing game, generally, it is called the fishing arcade.

At first glance, the fishing arcade looks like a normal shoot ‘em up the game, you have a gun that can shoot different projectiles, and you have fish and other underwater mobs roaming around as targets until you realize this: with each target you shoot, you can earn money, real-life cash.

Of course, a gun needs bullets, and bullets have to be bought as well, but it is possible to win money from playing, in fact, even in the long run, it is entirely possible to make a profit just by playing an arcade game.


Today, a traditional fishing arcade game has been switch to online fish arcade games. For Example of online fish arcade games such as Fishing War, Fishing God, GG Fishing, and more. All the online fish arcard game you can find via the link below:




The most popular online fishing arcade game in Asia is called the Ocean King, which already has two sequels available in the market. It can be seen everywhere, some people would argue that it is a form of gambling, the others would argue that it is a skill-based shooting game, so let’s compromise and call it “skill-based gambling”.


Still a beginner in online fish arcade game? Check out this useful tips to play online fish shooting games in Ocean King via the link below:


Like poker, it is not a game that relies solely on luck, it requires awareness, focus, and strategizing skills to really thrive in the game. Furthermore, you can play the game both online and offline, as long as you have an electronic device with an internet connection.

In an arcade, Ocean King attracts particularly old and retired people, since the gameplay rules are simple, and not demanding at all both physically and mentally. The player is required to take a seat near the table, lay one hand on the only button on the table interface, and shoot away. If that sounds boring, do not worry, players seeking a challenge would find this game rewarding as well.

The fishing arcade has tons of variety, including targets, guns, and even bombs. Different targets in the game, such as sharks, turtles, and even a swimming dragon, provide different rewards, so the player has to choose the best way to utilize their bullets to get as many targets as possible before the ammo runs out.


The different guns include cannons and lasers, similar to the different grenade types, each gun has a different ability, so it’s up to the player to decide how to approach each gun or bomb for maximum gameplay efficiency.

Some people look to the fishing arcade not to earn money, but for entertainment as well. Since it is the machine that attracts the most attention in an arcade (just one sweep across the room and you will discover the largest pile of visitors are near the fishing arcade), it is also the game that generates the most hype in the room.

If you’re good at the game, the cheering and shouting of bystanders would make one feel like a celebrity. Shooting games such as The House of the Dead or Time Crisis just can’t compete with the fishing arcade anymore, in terms of the amount of excitement generated versus the amount of effort invested in the game.


Sounds fun to you? Everyone is already making a profit just by playing the game, so what are you waiting for? Visit a local arcade to try your hands on the game now in online casino Malayisa.  

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