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Why does poker star earn so much just by playing poker?

We do see lots of celebrities popping up on the rich and famous list all of a sudden without knowing where they are from. Some of them made it big in front of the TV screen while some of them made it by playing poker. There are a lot of people who have made it big playing poker, be it online or on the real table poker in tournaments or leagues.

Some of them make so much money in one night of playing poker, that their earning can be compared to an A-list celebrity in a good-selling movie. This leaves many to wonder just exactly why, and how poker players earn so much just by playing poker.


Know your game: Raking

Everyone knows poker players can get filthy rich, just by playing the game. But how? First, we need to have an understanding of the game from the cards, players, and the rules. Terms such as raking, folding, hit, and raise will be phrases commonly heard in playing poker. One of the ways poker stars earn so much is that their understanding of the term raking. Raking is actually the percentage taken from you by the site or table and is usually redistributed back to some of the site’s loyal players.

Playing a game or two in a day will not make you a millionaire. Imagine playing the game for more than 5 hours in one sitting, juggling between more than 20 tables simultaneously, and more than 6 players on each table. You will be looking at a big sum in raking alone, not accounting for the winnings on each table.


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Understanding body language

Knowing the rules is one part of the game. Knowing the psychology behind it is another big part of winning the game. Some of the poker stars are masters in reading the non-verbal movements displayed by players around the table. Some might come in big flashy shades. Some might come with a huge sweater over the head with a cap and some shades on.

Some will go without any of those mentioned in a game. In fact, all of those props are used to cover their facial expressions or movements because pros tend to pick up non-verbal cues better than some FBI investigator does. Knowing what suddenly sitting up straight, exhaling loudly, and clenching the teeth might mean the difference between winning and losing.

That is why all players keep their styles and postures regardless of the types of cards they have with them. Giving those subtle hints to seasoned players might mean losing everything one has on the table. 


Knowing your opponents

Knowing who the opponents are also plays a huge role in winning in poker. Knowing your opponents here means knowing their pattern of movement, their playstyles, and the way they talk. There are a lot of televised games these days. Knowing and spotting the patterns and styles of each individual is not a difficult thing compared to last year.

Some of the players keep a cool composure from start to finish. Some might like to put on a huge hoodie and shades over their face and some embrace the art of trash-talking. Understanding the patterns and actions are some of the skills, give poker stars the upper hand. Trash-talking does not only bring the confidence of the opponents, but they also make them doubt themselves as well.

A wrong hit, raise or fold will probably do ensues when this happens. However, too much trash-talking does more harm than good. It shows signs of insecurity and that they are trying to bluff their way through. 


Famous example

Pretty sure that everyone knows Dan Bilzerian who made it big in playing poker. He came from a humble beginning when he attempted to join the armed forces in his country. After failing to make the cut, he started playing poker in 2009 and was history. It was reported that his biggest win in a year amounted to $50 million in 2014 and the biggest loss was at $3.8 million. Another report says that his largest winning in one night was $10.8 million.

It is not by sheer luck that poker stars earn that much. They have to go through a lot to get to where they are. Nevertheless, knowing the game and honing the skills are equally as important. Step up your game if you want to be better and win more in poker! You can also check up on more online poker tips.


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