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What makes online poker so popular and addictive in Asia?

As reported by The Economic Times, Kunal Patni, a former member of private banking teams like IIFL, Birla, and HSBC, left his cushy finance job in order to become a full-time poker player. He even appeared for the Asian Championship of Poker in Macau in the year 2014, and won second place in the 2018 World Poker Tournament, winning almost 75 lakhs in Indian currency.

Patni is one of the most famous poker players from India, but the craze of this gambling game has grown immensely throughout Asia, with many youngsters contemplating earning their livelihood by playing this game.


The reason for the popularity of online poker in Asia

A major reason for the rise in interest and addiction towards poker can be regarded as the growth of online poker platforms. If statistics are to be considered, in only the past few months, almost 50lakh players have registered themselves with online poker platforms in India.

However, this is just a statistic for India. The statistics are considerably higher if the whole of Asia is to be considered, with major servers like the IDN Poker Servers have become immensely popular in the region, owing to lucrative features like interface display design, attractive jackpot prizes, tournaments, fair play guarantee, and many more. Some of the most pertinent reasons for online poker to become so popular in Asia have been enumerated below:


Low-risk level

The risk associated with playing poker on online forums is much less than in real-life scenarios. There are options whereby you can play with credit, or even fake money. The main idea behind the creation of online poker platforms is to allow you to enjoy the game and play with only that much amount, which you can afford to lose.


Play from anywhere, anytime

There are no place and time constraints associated with online poker platforms. You do not need to travel to a place in order to enter a poker tournament or have to ensure that you play during a particular time of the day. Online poker platforms are populated by players wanting to play 24*7, while also providing you with a playing platform on the internet. All you need to pay for is your internet bill and electricity bill. Just open your computer and start playing.


Potential for huge returns

Although most poker tournaments online ask for low entry fees, the potential for expected returns and payoffs is so huge that the temptation becomes too hard to resist. Major sites for online poker host special events on a weekly basis to offer those players that have small bankrolls, the chance to start winning and accumulate enough to reach a considerable final table. If the player happens to win, this final table further promises to pay off an amount, which is far superior to what the player might have won had he/she been in a cash game.

These reasons clearly indicate why the game of poker has become so popular on online platforms in regions of Asia. Moreover, the way this trend and popularity of online poker on IDN Poker sites is growing, it would not be wrong to say that this game is here to stay in the coming years.


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