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Top 8 Best Online Poker Sites In Malaysia – 2023

If you’ve been to any land-based casino, you’d have noticed that poker games are quite popular amongst most wagerers. The same thing applies to online casinos because most online gamblers are very familiar with poker games.

Sadly, when it comes to poker or other kinds of betting activities, Malaysia is one of the most conservative countries in Asia.

Luckily, due to the tremendous fun that is obtainable from playing Poker, the opportunity to enjoy the game is still there (especially online) and most gambling savvies simply can’t wait to embrace it! That’s why the online Poker game is getting increasingly popular in Malaysia and beyond.

Now, there is no doubt you relish having a taste of the online poker excitement. Everybody does!

In this respect, our top choices for 2023’s best online poker sites are;


List Of Best Online Poker Sites In Malaysia – 2023

1. 888Poker


888Poker remains a household name among poker lovers in Malaysia! I mean, even if you haven’t been on the platform, it remains one of the first few names that you’ll come across once you search for “the best online poker sites” on google.

Originally owned by 888 Holdings company, the 888 trademark is not just interested in Poker, but has proven to be a stalwart in the global online gambling industry with its terrific casino, sports, and slot games.

This poker room runs since 2002 and has been on top of the digital poker industry since then. Every poker lover really appreciates the opportunity to continuously produce high-quality poker games and tournaments.

At this moment, you might think of how can I play online poker games and where should I start. Here is some tips about the rules and tips of poker games:

Our Tips

General Rules of Poker  & Top 10 Online Poker Tips


2. TigerGaming Poker


There is no doubt that TigerGaming Poker is one of the most underrated poker games in the industry.

Founded in 1999, TigerGaming Poker has been around for quite some time, so all the qualities you’d expect in an age-old online poker site are there; including a bug-free software and swift transaction process!

Although the platform is not established in the mainstream poker world as some other bigger names, yet, certain advantages are attached to that – because winning the TigerGaming poker is significantly easier.


3. BetOnline Poker


Just as the name indicates, the online presence of this poker site is top-notch. In fact, BetOnline Poker has been tagged by many as the US’ finest poker website. Also, lately, this dominance has been extended to Malaysia and beyond.

The poker company might have been around since 1991 but only in 2001 did its online interface operate. In brief, for more than 30 years, they have only been online for 20 of those years.

BetOnline is a reliable, first-choice online poker for US players and a secondary site for almost everyone else including Malaysian players.

The platform has lots of generous offers; including their $2,500 deposit bonus and over $150,000 in guaranteed monthly prize pools. So, on this website you will play poker, be sure that your cash is secure and you get loads of profits out of every bet you make.

BetOnline Poker is most importantly smartphone; the mobile version can be downloaded easily from your Android or iOS.


4. Partypoker


Partypoker is a multinational sports betting platform managed by a group of individuals. Yet, its poker games remain top of the industry.

The most outstanding feature of this online Poker platform is that it is licensed by over 14 different authorities. Two of these licenses are directly from the UK Gambling Commission. Operating with these multiple licenses, there is no better way the brand could possibly announce its authenticity and commitment to run a free, fair, and secure betting process.

The Partypoker room is open to all players. Matter of fact, this is one of the few platforms that encourage members to freely complain about any problems they encounter with the service.

The operator will also listen to you carefully and will always make amends upon receiving any complaint.


5. PokerStars


2003 and 2004 were two remarkable years for PokerStars after it successfully hosted the WSOP championship back to back. Chris Moneymaker was the co-host in 2003 and Greg Raymer in 2004.

With Joseph Hachem joining the party in 2005, it became 3 straight years of championship hosting which, of course, means extreme exposure for Pokerstars in such an amazing time when the online poker industry was still at the initial stages.

In 2007, the brand was named the number one Poker room globally when it comes to population. This amazing feat was a singular reward for their decision to keep allowing American Players — even when faced with a massive threat to do away with the US. And with the popularity of the poker game growing in the US, so was the popularity of Pokerstars until 2011 when the brand moved out of America after a fallout with Black Friday.

Despite the slight reduction in the population of players following the fallout, Pokerstars remains one of the best poker sites in terms of generating traffic. However, the only downside of this platform is its recent strict policies — especially with the decreased rewards for the largest stakes. Yet, the amazing software which allows for multi-table play makes up for any flaws the platform might have.


6. William Hill


William Hill has always been a British betting corporation for decades. However, since 2003, it has also delivered poker games to players in the UK, Malaysia, and beyond. The site has now become representative of the iPoker Network of Playtech. That means you’ll get to enjoy multiple selections of quality games and tournaments via your PC or even your smartphone.

Every newbie on William Hill can claim a bonus worth £100 right after signing up. But there’s a lot more to gain on this platform besides that. There are additional values every William Hills lover looks up to. Including a loyalty program that rewards you at every stage and a basic priority to Hold’em.

In fact, William Hill is an excellent site for beginners to start their journey into the world of online poker; a platform for novices to build their skills. After all, the overall skill level on this site is considerably lower when compared to others. 


7. Bodog


One of the first questions that are usually asked by players checking out Bodog is if the platform is legit. Sure, it is.

Bodog has been in operation for over 20 years and it has always paid players swiftly. Plus the poker site is highly cyber-secured as it is monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In other words, Bodog cannot be rigged in any way.

This gambling outlet is simply one of the top brands in online gaming. While its poker room didn’t launch until 2004, the bookmaking operation dates back to the 90s.

Besides, there are lots of benefits that attract Malaysian players to Bodog; fast cashouts, easy-to-win games, fun, and entertainment!


8. Titan Poker


Since launching in 2005, Titan Poker has grown into one of the top names on the lips of Malaysian poker fans.

Thanks to their multiple selections of games, fast payouts, impressive online traffic, and outstanding bonuses and promo packages, this platform is nothing less than AMAZING! Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you would surely like to have a taste of Titan poker — at least at some point in your career.

The only questionable aspect of this platform is the overall quality of the games it offers. Sure, there are multiple game selections, but at times, the quality is found wanting. And the tournament schedule is simply below par.


Is It Legal To Play Online Poker In Malaysia?

The general gambling regulations in Malaysia is highly restrictive. Considering the Islamic nature of Malaysian society, it’s easy to say that gambling is illegal.

The only place in Malaysia where gambling is legalized (and unconditionally allowed) is the Resorts World Genting; an offline casino situated in the Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

Yet, according to the Malaysian Betting Act of 1953, many forms of legal gambling CAN be allowed — for instance, when betting on an approved and licensed website.

Now, since many poker sites out there are licensed, it’s totally up to you to play. Besides, the current online settings afford you the privacy of enjoying poker in Malaysia without risking any penalty.


How To Choose An Online Poker Website?

Choosing the right platform to play poker might prove somewhat tricky, especially if you consider the numerous options out there. But, before you decide where to put your hard-earned dollars, you should take caution.

To help reduce your dilemma, here are some tips on how to choose the best online poker sites;

  • First and foremost, find out if the website is authorized (or licensed) to avoid being a victim of fraud.
  • Figure out the features that make more sense to you and embrace it. For context, if you don’t normally like to see a dealer or other players on the computer, a site dealing in live video poker might not be your favourite one. So, know the features that work for you and embrace the platform that offers them.
  • Find out the available payment methods on the platform and determine how favourable they are to you.
  • Consider the welcome bonuses and go for the most lucrative option. Also, check out the available promos and rebates. Because as a newbie, you deserve to get the best deal! Besides, bonuses can give you a cutting edge to win massive rewards with a minimal budget.
  • Find out if the platform has enough variety of games under its belt. The greatest excitement of the poker game is attached to variety. And the truth is; there is no guarantee that a platform with very few selections of games can provide the actual type of games you love. So, before choosing any online poker website, ensure that they offer a wide variety of games (to increase your chances of getting the very best).


FAQ (When Playing Poker In Malaysia)

Can you actually make money playing online poker?
Yes, you can. However, you have to obtain some level of skills and experience to consistently make money from online poker. Well, that’s not to say that you can’t make money as an amateur player — you will — but probably not every time.

Is live poker better than online?
It all depends on choice. But based on time factors, online poker normally plays faster than live poker

How Do I Win Poker Consistently?

Here are some tips;

  • Make the most of your winnings on a good day by playing as many sessions as possible.
  • Minimize your losses on a bad day by quitting as soon as possible.
  • Avoid playing unprofitable games.
  • Focus on long-term benefits.

Final Thought

Now that you’ve gone through all the necessary details of the best online poker sites in Malaysia, it’s high time you made your final choice.

Of course, choosing from any of the alternatives highlighted above won’t be a bad idea.

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