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Top 10 Online Slots Providers In Asia

In 2019, the online casino industry has been thriving around the world more than ever. It currently has the fastest growing market in Asia, especially in countries such as Singapore, the Philippines, and of course, Malaysia. A piece of good news that will make gambling enthusiasts in Malaysia rejoice is that both online casinos and their respective software providers are abundant in the country, allowing players more than two handfuls of options to choose from. The quality of these online casinos and their respective software providers may vary depending on brand and origin, so to help Malaysian players filter the good and reliable ones out of the massive pile of options, here are 10 online casino software providers in Malaysia, ranked. 

Top Trend Gaming

Top Trend Gaming

Top Trend Gaming may be last on the list, but make no mistake, it is no less than a reputable provider in Malaysia. As indicated by the name, the provider sets out to set trends in the online casino market by churning out exciting games rich in themes that are localized to Asian culture, some examples of these games include Fortune 8 Cat, Fu Stare, Dragon Palace and many more. Their ultimate goal is to get their online slot games to go viral in the Asian market, and so far they are doing an exceedingly well job, as proven by top trend gaming’s name being plastered everywhere on online gaming sites available in the region. 


Gold Deluxe

Gold Deluxe

Established in 2011, Gold Deluxe is an online casino that mainly focuses on the Chinese community as the games provided and the marketing is done is often in mandarin. Gold Deluxe recognizes and acknowledges the Chinese community as the largest community of gambling enthusiasts in not only Malaysia but various other countries in Southeast Asia as well, therefore making them their targeted customer. Gold Deluxe offers a different live casino experience by allowing the players to engage in online games and interact with hot and sexy dealers. The top three qualities of Gold Deluxe include the variability of provided games, reliability of the betting platform and quality of entertainment products. 


Micro Gaming


The slogan of Microgaming is: ‘if you eat, sleep and breathe online gaming as we do, you’ve come to the right place.’; it is, therefore, no surprise that Microgaming is a trusted software provider in Malaysia among other countries worldwide since they are so passionate about what they do. Microgaming’s advantage is that it is a worldwide platform, therefore the scale and speed of its online gaming creation process is larger than any other software provider in Asia, topping off at new game releases every month! Microgaming sets out to create games that are adapted to global preferences, which makes them a sort of celebrity in the online casino industry. Recently, they have been working hard to expand their market and strengthen their presence in Malaysia, much to the surprise and delight of local gamers. 


Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming provides a large variety of well-known Live Casino games for all the players in Asia. They have Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Roulette, and Insurance Baccarat, but they are not always about games; VJ Hall is a live-streaming platform provided by Asia Gaming to allow players to interact with hot, sexy and famous anchors from around Asia. In a statement posted on their official website, Asia Gaming claims that they ‘uphold the principle of an impressive experience only’ and we certainly agree. All the games provided by Asia Gaming are so unique and unconventional we just have to mention them in our ranked list. 




Gameplay Interactive or Gameplay Interactive provider offers a wide variety of online games that focuses on innovation as their primary objectives, a shining example of this is their innovation on traditional 2D live casino games — an additional dimension! Gameplay Interactive reshaped the online casino market by introducing 3D table games including the all-time favorite 3D baccarat and Blackjack. For the most comprehensive entertainment experience, look no further than Gameplay Interactive.




SpadeGaming certainly needs no introduction, you can find them everywhere from small sports betting websites to major online outlets. It was founded in 2007 by designers and entrepreneurs who, similar to our readers, are passionate about online games. Since its establishment, the developers at SpadeGaming had been running campaigns to promote responsibility in online gaming so that their players can enjoy their exquisite games under comfortable and secure circumstances — it is certainly a respected behavior in the online gaming community, which is why we love them so much! 



Preeminence, the vision to stay superior among other competitors, but not without credibility. Trust from customers always comes first, competition later. It is certainly rare for online software providers that mainly focus on sports betting to appear on our ranked list, but we just have to drop an honorable mention for AllBet. It boasts the claim that it is the most innovative gambling and entertainment corporation, and the claim is not without proof. One look at Air Fighter — their most well-known product,  and we can immediately tell that a lot of care has been invested into the production process, an attribute that is worthy of much praise.




Very rarely can one find an online software provider with such seamless a track record? Ever since its launch in the early 2000s, Playtech has been through one successful venture after another by releasing some of the most entertaining online virtual games, lottery, sports betting events, slot games, and poker games. Regardless of channel, platform, or content, Playtech wants to provide its customers with a free, limitless experience with the online casinos through a unified, seamless, and adaptive gameplay mechanism, and they just might have figured out the right formula for it.


Sbobet and Maxbet


Another online software provider that invests most of its focus on online betting games that is worthy of a spot in this ranked list would be Maxbet, also known as Sbobet. Maxbet certainly has no problem claiming their place as a live casino and number games provider due to their good reputation in Asian countries. Maxbet respects their customers in different countries, and this shows through their various efforts in localizing most of their games, this involves providing them in different languages and localized themes.

SCR888/ 918Kiss



The number 1 spot on this list belongs to no other than the Malaysia-based online casino, 918Kiss also previously known as SCR888. 918Kiss has everything, from great offers to a great number of entertainment. 918Kiss checks off every positive attribute an online casino should have: security, integrity, variability, flexibility, ease of access, and of course, big prizes.

Gambling enthusiasts from all across Malaysia all have the 918Kiss app downloaded on their phones, its influence in the country is strong and noticeable. 918Kiss serves as a reliable guide for others to look up to on how to run a successful and trustworthy online casino plus software provider.


When determining what serves as a good and competent online software provider, it is important to cover all aspects of a provider from the quality of games to the quality of customer service. Some providers offer great bonuses to their customers, but the games that they churn out are bland and uninteresting. On the other hand, some providers have to ability to make some of the best and most popular games in the market but are totally unresponsive to customer demands. When we review these providers, we tend to assign weightage points and score each aspect of a provider accordingly. A provider that can balance out all aspects is considered as a ‘good’ and ‘competent’ provider in our book. 


Besides that, the security of the provider’s online platform is also extremely important to us, since we do not wish our customers to come to any harm. Failure to consider the safety of the games provided by a certain provider before recommending them can lead to serious consequences, not only our reputation as a reliable source of online casino reviews and guides will be jeopardized, but the image of the entire online gambling community can be negatively affected as well.

Therefore, we take extreme care and measures to make sure that a provider is safe, reliable, trustworthy, and secure in terms of protecting their customers’ identity and money transactions. We are proud to announce that all of the providers listed in this list meet our requirements, so our readers can sign up and enjoy their content without worry.


This might not be the definitive ranked list for online software providers in Malaysia (and should not be seen as such, the quality of an online software provider is always subjective, so readers should learn to follow their own taste and gut feeling when choosing the best online games for themselves), but we hope it can at least serve as some sort of a loose guide for readers with less experience and insights on the comings and goings of the online gambling community.

If you’re looking to get into the world of online gambling but are overwhelmed or confused by the abundance of options out there, this is the list for you. We also hope that through creating ranked lists and writing reviews, we can create a certain continuous competition among online casinos that is both aggressive and healthy, so that all online software providers in the industry can strive for positive improvisation and improvement. Only when all online casinos realize the importance of balancing out between quality and quantity, will the online casino market truly thrive.

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