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The History of Online Poker, And How It Came To the Success It Is Today

It is not easy to credit anything or anyone for the advent and fast growth of online poker, but some organized and meticulous research will most certainly point you to specific commonalities. There is no doubt that online poker has come of age. It has also reined a great number of both habitual and one-off fans. The last 10 years have seen phenomenal growth in the development of online poker.

There was a time when one had to visit a physical casino house to play. Then, only a few select locations could offer casino services. Online casinos brought a whole new way of gaming to the casino. The old challenges of physical gaming houses are now a thing of the past. You do not have to worry about the muggings or the addictive drug, or alcohol abuse; which were all closely and necessarily associated with poker and other casino games.


Tracing the Growth

Online gaming in the casino came to fruition in the early 90s. The past decade has proved to be the most phenomenal in the growth of the online poker, and casino business in general. New giants have joined the fray. You are slated against some of the most reputable casino houses now trading online. The advent of the computer and the internet has greatly influenced the interface in the casino betting house. The house is no longer the house as was known in the past.

The house as it was, died. The only house you can talk about now is, in essence, your own house. Yes, you can now play your favorite game from the comfort of your house. Since the turn of the millennium, some big names including Full Tilt, Poker Stars, and the like have been the main forces in online casino gaming.


Today online poker is very popular around Asia country, If you are interested to know why online poker so popular and addictive in Asia, you can read our article that explain all you would like to know via the link below:



Back in the day, online poker was only possible through what was then known as Internet Relay Chat. The first online games were significantly slow and devoid of the wonderful technologies that you enjoy today. The software used then was still basic. There was even no infrastructure for advanced real-time gaming that today’s computers allow.


The Improvement Trail

As time went on, new graphics came up. So did the interfaces. The programs evolved into actual sites with dedicated apps that could process information faster. It must also be noted that from the first pundits such as Greg Rayner who relied on rather basic programs for playing, the online platform is now generating higher quality players.


Virtual Money

 To avoid losing money, early online poker used virtual money to play. Therefore, the newbies in the game had a chance to practice and avoid the discouragement that would possibly come with the blunders of a novice. The virtual money laid a foundation for the current free money training sites. It is on such a basis that the new 918 Kiss platform has come into existence


1998, the Magic Date of Online Poker

Planet Poker was the first-ever true online gaming site that gave you a chance to play online. The testing of Poker Online was done in 1997. The first-ever real money poker was played in 1998, with $ 3-$6.


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