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Slot Machine Strategies & Tips

Here is a list of slot machine strategies & tips that will help and basic guide you in slot machine games. Utilize them properly and you will start noticing a difference in your bankroll.

#1 – Have fun

You definitely won’t be able to beat the house at its own game as it has a mathematical edge over you. You should have the expectation of losing when playing these games but also looking out for the elusive win. Aim to have fun while playing regardless of the outcome.


#2 – Avoid the slots in the airport

Make sure to stay away from the slot machines located in the airport like the plague. These are guaranteed to be the worst games that you can find wherever you are. Be patient and wait until you are at a casino before you start hitting the slot machines. Your money will surely last longer and your winning chances will also be higher.


#3 – Take your time

Never forget that the house edge favors the casino and is against you. This means that the more you play, the more chances you let the house edge chip away at your bankroll. There are players who spin up to 600 times per hour or even more. Try not to do this and take your time playing the game. Enjoy a drink while in between spins or talk to someone around you occasionally. Any action you take that lowers the amount of money you put into the slot machine will definitely ensure that your bankroll lasts longer.


#4 – Be part of the slot club

Most casinos offer rewards, bonuses, and rebates to players who frequent their premises. A card will be given to you and when you play it can be inserted into the machine to keep track of how much you’ve played. A small percentage of what you play will be returned to you either by rebates, food, entertainment, or travel benefits.


#5 – Give video poker a try

It is a rather similar game to slot machine games, the difference being that the payout percentage is higher and also you can utilize strategies in these games to increase your winning chances. It might not be for anybody, but you will never know until you try it out and there’s no harm to trying it out.


#6 – Don’t bother with progressive slot machines

Progressive slot machines offer way better rewards potentially, therefore the payout frequency is way lower with these machines. This is done in order to offset the exorbitant rewards offered by the huge jackpot. It is better for the average gambler to just go with the normal machines with lower rewards as those have a higher chance of winning, albeit the rewards being smaller.

On the contrary, if you’re really set out to win a fortune, go ahead and play with progressive slot machines. Know that the chances of winning are extremely low as the odds are similar to that of winning the lottery.


#7 – Never play with borrowed money

It goes without saying, if you are borrowing money to gamble, that’s a huge sign that you need to seek out professional help. Gambling with money that you cannot afford to pay back just won’t end well.


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