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Roulette Strategy, Tips & Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

Have you ever thought that predicting the outcome of roulette wheel spins is impossible? This guide describes roulette wheel secrets and strategies that make spins foreseeable. The spins are not fully unpredictable and arbitrary, and that’s what casinos do not want you to realize. Here are secrets to winning big at roulette.


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Capitalize on Dominant Diamonds

The daily rotation of the wheel causes certain portions of the ball track to be significantly worn out as compared to others. The uneven tear is unavoidable even if the gaming hall were to rotate the wheel after each spin. That’s why most wheels have diamonds that the ball hits more times than others (also called dominant diamonds).  

Dominant diamonds make spins more predictable. This way, you can easily tell where the ball will probably fall. Predicting the winning number only involves knowing the numbers under the dominant diamond whenever the ball drops. 


Understand the Design

Unless a roulette wheel is actual and physical, there’s no way of making it 100% random. There’s still a bit of predictability even when wheels completely randomize the ball and rotor speeds. Since the house edge is barely -2.7%, you only require minimal precision to defeat the house edge and get the edge. 

Further, you should educate yourself about the different designs and features of roulette wheels. It is easier to win while playing on some designs than others. 


Exploit Manufacturing Defects

Although roulette wheel manufacturers try to make the machines with precision, some small defects are unavoidable. As a result, the spins are not random, making them more predictable. Exploring these defects can help you win big. One Joseph Jagger took advantage of this fact and raked millions at Monte Carlo. 

All you need is to visually examine the wheel for signs of bias. Although it is ordinarily impossible to discover the physical defects when using your naked eyes, you can look at the reflection on the intersection between the rotor’s metallic part and the wheelbase. In case you see one part of the rotor is lower than the other, a defect is there. 

Since most casinos do not examine their wheels for physical defects often, you could uncover the bias prior to the management and utilize it for your good. 


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Catch23Design Tips



Since the ball hits certain diamonds more frequently, roulette wheels do not have completely random spins. Therefore, roulette wheels are and will remain beatable for a few years to come. Understanding dominant diamonds, wheel design, and manufacturing defects can go a long way in helping you beat roulette. 


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Catch23Design Tips
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