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Roulette Betting Strategies

Everyone has their own personal favorite betting style. There are many various varieties of gambling methods used however these systems of play yield the player a bonus over the house. That’s the reality and sensible roulette players are totally attentive to the very fact that aside from enjoying a biased wheel.

Roulette betting strategies don’t mean that we’re teaching you how to win 100% of the game but at least you might get to walk back with a higher winning and control your output throughout the game. All strategies have their advantages and disadvantages, it’s best to find what works best for you as the results of the method may vary.


Before we go into that, do you know the basic knowledge of roulette gaming and how to play roulette online casino games? Here are the tips for you to understand more about roulette online casino games before choose your judi online casino site.


The Martingale

If you ever looked up or used any roulette strategies, I bet you’ve heard of this strategy. The Martingale is quite simple and, as long as your pockets are full and you have the patience to sit there for a longer time, it is very easy to use to your advantage. 


How it works: 

If we take this part by part, the Martingale is like watching your back. If you are new to this strategy, it is best if you start off with small bets. You begin with placing even money bets on red, black, even, or odd. Resume betting on the same amount, on even money bets until you lose around. Just double your money to cover your loss when this happens. Why double? Why waste another amount right after you lost? Because, if you win, you will win back the amount you lost with a little extra income.


The Paroli

This strategy is also known as “Parley”. The idea of this strategy is that it profits you by adding a little money bit by bit and winning three progressive bets and protects your winnings by going back to your initial bet before resuming. This method works for players who are not willing to take risks. Adding bets right after you lose might be risky for timid players, but adding bets when you’re winning and feeling lucky might just help you win some additional winnings.


How it works: 

Bet on the bigger boxes under the table, which are red, black, even, odd, 1 to 18, and 19 to 36. With the maximum bet being only four times the original bet. Simply just double your bets if you win or go back to your initial bet if you lose. 



This method is designed by a French mathematician, Jean Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert, which explains the name of this strategy. It’s one of the lower-risk strategies you will find. If you’re new to a roulette strategy or if you’re a cautious gambler, you may work with this strategy better. However, this method requires patience from the player as it needs progressive modifications to the wagered quantity with each bet, win or lose.


How it works:

It is simple, start with your chosen bet, with the profit percentage being small with bigger bets. I would recommend starting small like $1. Place your bet on even, odd, red, black, or 1-18 or 19-36. Decrease your bet by $1 if you win and increase your bet by $1 if you lose. It can be frustrating to have to adjust your bets for each turn and even discouraging to visualize such a small income on your bets. The key to this method is patience, this system does not win big right away, but it is for players who love roulette and like playing with various betting styles.


Oscar’s Grind

This system was first written by Allan Wilson in his book “The Casino Gambler’s Guide” in 1965. He met a gambler who showed him detailed records of his modest but consistent profit using his own slow system. This gambler’s name is called Oscar.


How it works:

You bet one unit on an even-money bet. Your next bet will be of the same size as the one before if you lose. Your next bet is one unit larger than the previous bet if you win. You will continue to add the size of the bet with one unit when you win, continue this until the whole sequence gives a profit of one unit or more.

Besides that, some of the online casinos didn’t want to tell you about how to WIN in roulette casino games EASILY. Read our next roulette tips for more info!

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