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Mega888 Download – All the Things You Should Know Before (Ultimate Guide)

Technology, is the new frontier, a frontier that is consistently breaking the digital divide. You have got the world at your side when you have a mobile between your palms. One important thing smart devices offer to users is accessed, through access you can connect to the world at large on a smaller scale.

To this end, Mega888 partnered with the services of a top software platform in the industry, to create the perfect smartphone application that is suitable for their customers to play on the go.

This is why through intricate research we have written this article as a guide to teaching you all the things you need to know about Mega888 download.

If you consider the highly sophisticated nature of the user interface, you will conclude that the partnership of both brands is nothing short of greatness. A good feature to look out for with any online casino is the user interface, the seamless at which they conduct their services, the smoothness of the game experience, and the customer support.

Customer service for all online casinos is an important component. And Mega888 knows that it is not everyone that understands how to use an application at their first trial, this is why they have subtle guides or hints embedded within the app to guide new customers on how to navigate the third way through the app.



Choose A Trusted Mega888 Online Casino Gaming Platform

During our research, we noticed many new players are oblivious to how online casino games work. They often say, “they’re all the same, as long as they provide Online Casino Games, they’re all the same.” On the contrary, they are not! There are a lot of Online Casino platforms out there that have a myriad of problems, from registration to gameplay, to rewards, promotions, and withdrawal of earnings. Also, there are several other bad platforms, that experts advise new online casino players to be wary of.

Guides like ours are dedicated to researching and providing you with information on the best platform for you, and our favorite Mega888 partner is BK8.

There is no reason why BK8 should not be the best partner for Mega888, you are curious to know why it is? Well for starters, the user interface is highly interactive and intuitive. On the app screen, there is an array of betting platforms users can select from. However, we will stick to online casino games provided by Mega888 for the sake of this post.

As you know, Mega888 offers a variety of games like, poker, online slot games, Baccarat, fishing games, and a host of others.


If you are looking for another online casino gaming platform, check out our online casino gaming list in Malaysia via the link below:

Catch23Design Tips


Check the License Support

One critical thing anyone using online casinos should look out for is license support. Do you know that BK8 is a licensed gaming operator? Among other things, the BK8 brand name is a licensed trademark.


Registration Steps and Guidance on Mega888 Download

Now that you are aware that BK8 is the best plug for playing Mega888 online casino download, the next step is pretty easy.

Click on register, fill out the username and password details on the first page, then click next to proceed to the next page. Once you are on the next page, ensure you fill out the requirements that are asterisked.

Once you are done click on submit, you will be ushered to your homepage with a congratulatory message. On the homepage, you will see the portion to Mega888 download either the Mega888 iOS version or Mega888 Android APK version. Select, download, and install the software that is compatible with your computer.

Also, please note that BK8 accepts BTC & ETH, CRYPTO USDT deposits.



Secure Payment and Money Withdrawal

Making payments and withdrawals in the Mega888 app is super-fast and easy. On your homepage, the payment gateway is at the top of the display.

To deposit into your account, click on deposit, once you have clicked on the deposit, you will be redirected to your Main wallet page and the currency is in MYR. There are three options you can make payment with, they are Quick Pay, Bank Transfer, or Crypto.


Here are the complete list of blacklisted online casino in Malaysia and how to identify an unsafe online casino. Visit the link below and read carefully before your game:

Quick Pay

Method: select either EEZIEPAY or HELP2PAY


  1. Bank:  select Public Bank Berhad, Hong Leong Bank Berhad, RHB Banking Group


  1. Amount: You can make a minimum deposit of MYR 50 and Maximum deposit of MYR 50000



  1. Amount: input the amount you want to pay in, a minimum deposit of MYR 20 and max deposit of MYR 50000


  1. Bank Account: Choose the bank account you want to utilize, there is an option for Maybank Berhad, CIMB Bank Berhad, Hong Leong Bank Berhad, AmBank Group


Deposit Channel

The next step is to choose the deposit channel, you can select, either Online Banking, Cash Deposit Machine, ATM of Over The Counter (OTC)


Upload Receipt: Click on Upload Receipt, this is optional and not mandatory.


After doing this, click on SUBMIT.


To make deposits into your wallet using cryptocurrency, first click on Deposit Channel and select the suitable channel, between Channel 1 and 3.  The next step is to select the method of payment, you can choose to pay using USDT or ETH.

Once you are done with this process, copy the address.


Money Withdrawal

Withdrawal can be done to either your Crypto exchange or through Bank Transfer.


  1. Crypto: Select the method (USDT-ERC20), please ensure that you take a look at the exchange rate before making your withdrawal. Select the Address, input the amount (MYR) and the amount (USD). Once you are done, click on withdraw, once this is on, your Crypto will be sent to your wallet.


  1. Bank Transfer: Select the bank you want to transfer to. Input the account holder’s name, then proceed to input the amount  you want to withdraw (50/50,000) . Click on Withdraw.


Check for Bonus & Promotion Offer on Mega888

Another important reason you ought to choose BK8 as a trusted Mega888 online casino platform; is the promotion system they offer in partnership with BK8.

For online Casino promotions, Mega888 offers Welcome Bonus, Daily Reload Bonus, and 1% Daily Cash Rebate.


  •       Welcome Bonus – Only new Members who make their very first deposits will be entitled to a welcome bonus. You will get a complimentary bonus of up to MYR 800 credits after you have made your first deposit. Also, note that while signing up to receive this mouthwatering welcome bonus, you are doing so via BK8.


  •       Daily Reload Bonus – This bonus offer is open to those who reload their wallets daily. The bonus system they offer to existing customers is up to %50 on this bonus plan.


  •     1% Daily Cash Rebate – This bonus offer is exclusive to all registered members, with this offer there are no requirements to fulfill; all you need to do to qualify is to be a registered member.


Final Words

After going through this guide, we researched and brought it to your viewing pleasure, we are confident you are going to be a part of this incredible journey with Mega888.

Act right now, take advantage of the juicy incentives this online casino is handing out to new and existing customers.

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