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How to Pick a Winning Slot Machine and Win (Almost) Every Time!

It has never been easy to uncover the secrets of winning at a slot machine. This is because it requires hard work on your part. Besides, casinos wouldn’t want you to discover the secrets. However, if you want to win money, then you have no choice but to learn about picking a winning slot machine. Let’s go.


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Select a Slot with the Highest Payout

Winning at slots demands that you choose a machine that pays the best. To accomplish this, you need to find out the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of particular slots. You can either search the RTP number online or read it out directly from the slots list

RTP values usually range from 92-97 percent. It is advisable to select slots with at least 96 percent. A good example of a high RTP slot is the Devil’s Delight. 


Determine the Slot’s Volatility

Also called variance, volatility is a measure of the risk linked to playing a specific slot for money. Slots with low volatility promise more frequent but smaller wins. Contrarily, slots with high volatility promise rarer but significantly large wins. Therefore, it is better to go with low volatility slots.

Use free spins and bonuses to determine the slot’s volatility because they are risk-free. 


Avoid Obvious Options

Slots that are more aggressively advertised by casinos are most likely favoring the house and not you. Therefore, look for slots that enjoy little promotion. Often, you will find a slot on the casino’s second or third page that pays out more cash. 


Make Bigger Bets

A one-dollar-bet will not pay out big. That’s a fact. Your wager is always directly proportional to the slot machine payout. If all you want is peace of mind, then do not expect to scoop huge wins. 

For progressive jackpots, the possibility to win often requires a certain maximum bet. Of course, that is risky. However, that’s what gambling is all about. 


Take in Other Players’ Advice

Trusting other players is an issue when it comes to poker. However, the case is different for slots. Check the ratings and reviews of certain slots before playing. Take time to analyze other player’s comments. 


Steer Clear of Branded Slots

Although branded slots have high bets and may feature your best-loved brands, movies, and TV shows and series, their main objective is to attract players. The payouts for such slots might be quite disappointing. 


Utilize Free Spins to the Maximum

Free spins can be a great opportunity for you to win big. However, this requires you to check the rules of the game at the casino of your choice. Avoid casinos that place so many conditions on their free spins regarding withdrawals. 


Not enough? You can read more online slots machine tips and strategy via the link below:


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