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General Rules of Poker

Poker is one of the most popular games on the wheel fortune in casinos across the world. It is so popular that it has become synonymous with gambling and betting of whatever form. The game is intellectually stimulating and full of antics and intrigues that never seem to end. There are several versions of poker but there are some common ones and common rules that apply to most of them.


Before we go in-depth, Do you know about the history of online poker? Don’t worry, here is a complete history of online poker. Check out the link below:


Hold’em Poker

Hold’em Poker is a variation of poker that is commonly played in Texas. It also happens to be the most played variation in casinos across the globe. It is the preferred poker for most tournament poker games played in major cities.


Omaha Poker

On its part, Omaha poker is a game played with a fixed limit. As the name suggests, it one of the most common poker types preferred in Japan and by the Japanese. The pot limit variety is the most commonly played variety of Omaha poker.


The 7 Cards Poker

The 7 card poker ruled the casino houses before the advent of Hold’em poker.


The Hands of Poker

Do not be confused with the use of terms such as poker hands. The phrase poker hands are special industry jargon for the rules of the poker game.

The Royal Handis regarded as the best possible combination of cards in poker, particularly in Texas Hold’em poker. It constitutes the queen, the jack, the ace a ten in the mix. These must be the entire same suit.


The Straight Flush

On its part, the ten flush constitutes a pack of five cards sporting the same suit. They include a five, a six, a seven an eight, and a nine.


Four of a Kind

The combination is one that combines a set of any four cards numerically matched. They may be two and four Qs of a flower a diamond, a spade, and a heart.


Full House

This means that three cards of a kind are combined along with a pair in a single hand. These may constitute two Ks and three Js with two flowers, two hearts, and a spade.



A combination of hands constitutes five cards of a similar suit in whatever order. These could be all diamonds but with varying values and letters.



Hand constitutes any five cards of any suit presented in sequential order such as a series of five to ten or any other sequence.


The Three of a Kind

Hand means that you hold cards with any three of them numerically matching.


The pair of two

A suit means that you hold two pairs of cards that are different at any one time.


The Single Pair – One Pair

This is when you hold any two cards sporting a numerical match. They could be a four an 8, a nine, and two Ks, or any other combination that sports a two-pair set.


The High Card

The hand is used to describe the card that is ranked highest, sporting an ace as the highest and two as the bottom low. The poker rules also called hands rank from the highest to the lowest. The standard game requires at least two players at the same time.



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