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Claiming your money back from an online casino

Below is the information related to claiming back your money from an online casino. Whether you have noted a money-related issue on your online casino or noted unauthorized payments on your card, you need to understand the right ways to request your funds back. 


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Unauthorized Card Payments

This happens to a large group of players than we may know. In that instance that you check your balance and realize a drop without any purchase done, or that instance you decide to have a look at your recent transactions and find payments you did not make, it means someone has access to your card details. Whether you know the other party or not, it is safe to secure your card details.

To ensure this is done, the first step will be to contact your card provider/bank. This way, your card will be blocked which will stop further transactions. From there on, you can request chargebacks for all payments done without your knowledge. In most cases, the chargebacks are successful.


Gambling whilst under Self-Exclusion

Among the major reasons people claim back their money is because of losing a huge sum of money which results to regret and a lower balance on the account. In this case, nothing much can be done here if you authorized the payments. However, in an instance where you self-excluded yourself not to play on the casino and informed the casino, you might have a case if you successfully deposited and played AFTER an exclusion confirmation had been received from the entity. You must note, however, that self-exclusion has a time frame which after expiring, you can deposit and play. In this case, you cannot claim your money back from the casino Additionally, if you created another account with different details, you will not be eligible to claim your money.


Do’s and Don’ts

These tips are straight forward, however, it is good to get a little insight;

  • DO: Report any unauthorized transaction you notice on your account for the safety of your card details
  • DON’T: Report any authorized transaction you make simply because you incurred huge losses. You risk being blacklisted by the casino. Incurring huge losses should be a lesson that you can only wager the amount you can afford to lose. In which:
  • DO: Set Limits! Fully legalized casinos are offering account limits tools/measures where you can set the limit on the amount of money you can wager on the platform. This ensures you gamble responsibly with no worry of losing a lot of money.

The following casinos met all the requirements for responsible gambling. They are duly licensed with account limit tools provided to ensure you gamble responsibly;


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