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Are the chances of you winning a Jackpot increase the more you spin ? (2023)

Slot games are undoubtedly addictive to mesmerize gamblers. If you are not new to playing these games, you identify the myths associated with them very well. Some of the myths are continuing from the era of classic 3 reel slot games. If you are lucky, you can hit the jackpot, or you can try your luck on every single spin. However, it hurts the most when you are on a continuous losing streak. What do you think, should a player in such a scenario play more or give up? Maybe the more he spins, the more chances he gets of winning.


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Does the Number of Spins Really Increase Your Chances of Winning a Jackpot?

As a gambler, you must have heard these words several times. They buzz like bees in the ears of inexperienced players whose sole desire is to win and do so quickly. Even the average payout rate of slot games is between 90-99%, which tempts the gamblers to try some more spins. However, due to the design of slot machines and to provide everyone a fair chance of winning, spinning over and over again does not assure a jackpot. No matter how many times you spin, the number of spins does not affect your odds of winning.

The RNG system on which all the slot games are built, including online ones, ensures the randomness of every spin. Thus, no recordable patterns can be formed on a slot, and every player gets a fair and equal chance of winning. 


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What is RNG?

The Random Number Generator or RNG is the set of algorithms a slot machine uses to shuffle the symbols and outcomes. Every slot machine has a microprocessor that is inclusive of RNG and its every symbol is associated with a numeric value. Whenever you spin, the RNG generates a number between 0 to 4 billion. This number determines the series of corresponding symbols in the outcome of your spin. To make the game challenging and provide the house with their advantage, numbers associated with low payout symbols are often more repetitive.  

A slot machine also cannot store the value generated by RNG, which is changing every millisecond. Other than the balance of your remaining coins, slot machines do not have any other type of memory. Meaning, they do not know when you lose or win. Thus each and every time you spin, RNG generates a new number leaving no trails of a pattern of winning. Even if you wish to depend on the probability of the generation of winning numbers being repeated, the chances are incredibly slim.

If you want to play slot, play the games that are TST verified and checked for accuracy by Casino Control Board. Due to the randomness in their outcomes, slot machines at licensed casinos offer a fair chance of winning to every individual. 


Max Bet in Jackpot

Although you might consider spinning repeatedly a sign of greed, it can increase your payout if you play smartly. For every coin that you place on a bet, your payout increases. Let’s take the minimum paid bet as an example which can be $1. For a $1 bet, you get a payout of 94.72%. If you increase the bet by another dollar, you get a payout 96.7% for a $2 bet, and so on. Does this mean increasing the bet can help you win a jackpot? With the unpredictability of RNG, it cannot.

However, to win the jackpot in many slot games, you are required to place the maximum bet you can in a spin. This Max Bet amounts to hundreds of dollars, both offline and online. So unless you want to gamble away all your money, planning to hit the jackpot by spinning until you win is a very poor strategy. It is much wiser to not to depend on any such hypothetical, and make-belief myths, while gambling and play for fun instead.


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