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10 Ways in Which You Can Cheat in Poker

A game that combines both strategy and luck, poker is a hugely popular card game that is commonly played in casinos. Based on a system that emphasizes card combinations, poker can be won when a player has the best hand combination in a particular round. Players bet chips based on the cards that they get and the cards that are available on the table after a systematic shuffling and dealing. Traditionally, each player gets two cards and five cards are dealt on the table.


Before we discuss about how to cheat in any poker game, you should know about the general rule of poker via the link below:

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A particular hand is won based on the best five-card combination present in that round for any particular player. The different combinations range from High Card, and Pair at the lowest and Royal Flush at the highest. The player who wins a hand gets to keep the chips that have been betted on that round by other players. The game is won, when a player gets all the chips or when there are no more players left. Although poker is a closely monitored game in most casinos, a player can cheat in the game in numerous ways. The top 10 ways to cheat in poker include:


Card Marking

Card marking is the most common way of cheating in poker and is also the most easily spotted by experienced casino employees. This method involves certain alterations or bending of a particular card to make it stand out amongst the others so that the person altering the cards can recognize it at one go and play the game accordingly.


Invisible card marking

An intricate version of the previous method, invisible card marking involves the application of a particular type of liquid onto the poker cards that are naked to the normal eye, but can be viewed under infrared lights. The person, who is cheating, wears special contact lenses that can spot these markings and play his/her game accordingly. It requires having inside contact with the casino to get this done before an event and being illegal entails persecution and jail time if caught.


Use of malware

Malware use is common when cheating at online poker games. This can happen if a prospective player who has the potential to become good at the game is approached by someone online, who tries to become friends going out of his/her way. This person might send malware into the computer of the new player and as a result, be able to see hole cards of the target during online poker games. This method can also cause harm to the target’s computer and is a nefarious tactic.


Pre-installed malware

The use of pre-installed malware to cheat at online poker games is also not uncommon. People who sell computers to poker players might install the malware in the system beforehand to reveal the hole cards of the target and make him/her lose exponentially during a poker match.



A very intricate and elaborate way of cheating, spy cams although, possible, are a rare way in which people cheat at online poker. This is usually done when a person knows intimately about a poker pro that they are going to have an online match with. If the person knows where he stays, or where his system is located, he/she might enter the premises beforehand in secret and install a spy cam and conceal it cleverly, such that the camera is facing the screen of the system and the person who installed it gets to know every card that the target player gets, every time a hand is dealt.


Fake bloggers or impostors

Fake bloggers or impostors are not uncommon in poker events, both online and physical. These impersonators take on the role of a blogger and try to gauge the hole cards of one player and pass on that information to another, in return for remunerations. An eye needs to be kept out for such suspicious people.


Online collusion

Online collusion is a huge problem that has affected online poker for many years. This basically involves two or more people online conspiring among each other to gather information on other players or pass information among themselves to rig the poker game and make it disadvantageous to others. A single person as a result of this also creates a lot of fake accounts, or people belonging to the same country gather information on other players. This type of cheating is most common in sit-n-go tournaments, forcing many online sites to discontinue the format.



A superuser account is one that has more functions than an average account and usually makes use of moderator programs to gather information on other poker players. The poker room itself is involved in such forms of cheating.


Counterfeit chips

Counterfeit chips are not uncommon, whereby they look and feel almost similar to ordinary chips. They can be easily acquired online and can be used to make it seem that a person has more in his/her pot at a given point of time as compared to other players. Therefore, the person can continue playing and even bully or leech another, based on his/her pot power, which is dubious in reality.


Chip alteration

Chip alteration is another problem that might occur during a poker game, whereby certain alterations are done in a chip to make it look different. This can result in a lower value chip to look like one that has a higher value and therefore, is used erroneously in a game. A close eye needs to be kept to spot such activities during a poker event.


Although most modern poker games, both physical and online are closely monitored, cheating is still a prevalent problem. In order to spot such cheating attempts and steer clear of them, constant vigilance and attentiveness during the game is a must. After all, in this game you do not play the game, you play the man opposite you.


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